Hill’s Prescription Diet z/d is a dog food made for pets with food allergies. It uses hydrolyzed protein to avoid common allergens. This means the proteins are broken down into small pieces that don’t trigger allergic reactions. Furthermore, Hill’s z/d also supports skin and digestive health with added vitamins and minerals.

It has lots of fatty acids, which help keep a dog’s coat healthy. But since it’s a special diet, a vet should recommend it. It’s made to be easy to digest and supports a healthy gut. Plus, it helps prevent bladder stones with its S+OXSHIELD.

Always talk to a vet before changing your dog’s food, especially for health issues like allergies. 


Maize Starch: A gluten-free carb source, it provides energy and acts as a kibble binder.

Chicken Liver Hydrolysate (26%): This hydrolyzed protein is a hypoallergenic nutrient source and the main protein in this diet.

Ground Pecan Nut Shells: Added for fiber, they help with digestion and fullness.

Cellulose: A dietary fiber that supports bowel health and weight management.

Coconut Oil: It offers easily metabolized fats and helps absorb vitamins.

Minerals: They’re critical for bone, muscle, nerve function, and hydration balance.

Linseeds: These offer omega-3 for skin health and extra fiber.

Dried Beet Pulp: This fiber regulates intestinal health and blood sugar.

Soya Bean Oil: A fat source, it provides essential fatty acids for the coat.

Dried Citrus Fruit Pulp: Adds fiber, antioxidants, and flavor.

Fish Oil (0.9%): Rich in omega-3, it boosts joint, brain, and skin health.

Dried Cranberries: Antioxidant-rich, they may benefit urinary tract health.

Vitamins: Ensure all nutritional needs are met.

Trace Elements: Vital minerals like iron and zinc are included in small amounts.

Beta-carotene: An antioxidant for vision and immune health, convertible to vitamin A.



Vitamin A (11,421 IU): Supports vision, skin, and immune health. ‘IU’ measures vitamin activity.

Vitamin D3 (786 IU): Regulates calcium and phosphorus for bones.

Vitamin E (826mg): An antioxidant, it bolsters immunity and skin.

Vitamin C (115mg): Boosts immune health; dogs can also make it.

Beta-carotene (1.4mg): Antioxidant; precursor to vitamin A for immunity.

Iron (94.7mg): Crucial for oxygen transport in blood.

Iodine (4.1mg): Needed for thyroid function and metabolism regulation.

Copper (11.1mg): Supports blood cells, bones, and immunity; better absorbed in chelated form.

Manganese (9.8mg): Essential for bone development and enzymes.

Zinc (147mg): Aids immunity, skin, and DNA; chelated for absorption.

Natural antioxidants: Mixed tocopherols preserve the food, maintain freshness.

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